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Used Polaris Ranger

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One of the hardest working and most reliable machines on farms and ranches and by far the most popular vehicle to use by hunters and recreationists is a good used Polaris Ranger.

Go to any large outdoor facility or recreational tract and your sure to see used and new Polaris Rangers zig zagging through the hills and over terrain you would not normally find any type of vehicle, mainly because the Polaris Ranger is one of the most rugged and durable all terrain vehicles around. So, if you're looking for a sport utility vehicle or a heavy duty UTV, why would you choose a used Polaris Ranger over a new one? Great question and definitely the reason why is here!

There are many different UTV's on the market these days and sometimes it's hard to figure out which is the best vehicle and most popular by enthusiasts. In the US, you can find UTV's made by Arctic Cat, Can-Am, Cub Cadet, Honda, John Deere, Kawasaki, Kymco, Polaris and Yamaha. But, when it comes to the world of UTV's, the Polaris Ranger is the top vehicle you can find on the market by far and it's known far and wide as a durable vehicle that can last a lifetime. However, being the best comes at a price and the Polaris Ranger is not cheap by no means. Starting at around $12,000, a new Polaris Ranger is an expensive piece of equipment can sometimes make users second guess buying a UTV due to the price tag. But, what many don't realize is that buying a used Polaris Ranger can not only save thousands of dollars but it can also get you a serviceable vehicle with a tremendous amount of life that won't break the bank.


Well known for it's snowmobiles and ATV's, Polaris Industries began manufacturing the Ranger in 1998 as a solution for people who were looking for an all terrain vehicle that could not only haul 1998 Polaris Ranger 6x6gear but that could also carry 2-3 people. The first Polaris Ranger was actually a 6-wheel drive version that had a utility box in the rear and carried two people side-by-side and at the time was one of the few smaller off road type vehicles that could do the job of an ATV with the power and durability of many full size vehicles.

Over time, the Polaris Ranger line of vehicles evolved and changed with the times and now Polaris has a full range of vehicles that come in 2, 4 or 6 wheel drive with just about any type of accessory you could think including heaters, winches and gun racks to windshields, alloy wheels and side protection bars. With so many options and accessories on the market, you can customize the Polaris Ranger just about any way you see fit.

The current line of Polaris Rangers includes three different categories: Full Size, Mid Size and Crew.

Full Size Polaris Ranger: This category is headed by the workhorse called the Polaris Ranger XP 800. Known for it's "Xtreme Performance", the XP 800 is what Polaris calls the "Hardest Working Smoothest Riding Side x Side you can buy." Starting at around $11,000 the Ranger XP 800 is an expensive vehicle but again you can find a used Polaris Ranger XP 800 reasonably on the secondary market for about $6,000 to $8,000 depending on the number of hours, miles and overall condition.

Mid Size Polaris Ranger: The Mid Size line features two very popular UTV's in the Ranger 400 and 500. Starting out at around $8,000 for a new Polaris Ranger 400, the line is meant to be priced a few thousand less than the full size line of Rangers but keeping many of the same popular features including a similar design, smooth ride, True AWD (All Wheel Drive) and a towing capacity that, although less than the full size Ranger, is more than capable of doing most jobs. If the new Polaris Ranger is out of reach for your wallet, a good condition used mid size Polaris Ranger with less than 500 hours of service can be found in $5,000 to $7,000 range which isUsed Polaris Ranger Accessories upwards of 30-40% savings.

Crew Polaris Ranger: The Ranger Polaris Crew line is made for just what is says, a crew of people! The new Polaris Ranger 800 Crew can carry up to 6-people comfortably in two rows with enough leg room and seating area to make cruising around through the hills a lot of fun. Starting at around $12,000, the Ranger 800 Crew is not cheap by any means but again you can definitely find a used Polaris Ranger Crew cab at significant savings of thousands of dollars if you're OK with a vehicle with a little bit of wear, scuffs and/or scratches.


When buying a used Polaris Ranger, there are some things you should look out for that you normally wouldn't when purchasing a car or truck, mainly because the used Ranger was used in often times more rugged locations and is subject to more wear and tear. The good news is that because the Polaris Ranger is not a huge vehicle, you won't spend an entire afternoon going through a huge checklist of parts and areas you will need to inspect prior to making the buying decision.

After finding what looks to be a good deal on a used Polaris Ranger, you will want to inspect the following areas closely for abnormal wear and tear:

1. The engine - Before you inspect any other part of the used Polaris Ranger, the first thing you should do is make sure the engine starts and idles correctly. You don't have to be a full fledged mechanic to know there's a problem with the engine after turning it on and simply listening. If you hear or experience anything abnormal (sputtering, shutting off after a period of time for no reason, etc) or if you drive it and it doesn't seem normal or have any punch or kick left, have it inspected further by a mechanic or someone who understands smaller UTV engines. Also, check for indicator lights warning of engine troubles as that's a sure sign you definitely have a problem.

2. The body - Obviously this is the first thing you'll want to look over when checking out a used Polaris Ranger. Whether it's cracks in the floor boards or fractures in the metal framing, you'll want to check the Ranger from top to bottom and also ask the seller if they're aware of any issues, big or small. Also, pay special attention to the cast iron mounts on the vehicle as the stress from rough off-roading can create cracks that can be expensive to fix.

Used Polaris Ranger Seats3. The seats - I would venture to say most will glance at a seat and do a quick visual inspection and be done with it however you need to dig a bit deeper than that, especially for a vehicle that is off road 99% of the time. Many times seats will become jarred loose and it can cost hundreds of dollars to replace an entire seat so make sure you inspect the seating areas for loose seats, breaks in the framing or even broken pegs under the seats. Make sure you point out to the seller any problems you may see with the seating as that could potentially cost you a few hundred bucks if the seat needs to be replaced. If anything, it could help you when bargaining on the price as you can get a steeper discount if the seats are a little loose all the while knowing that you could probably replace the pegs for less than $50.

As with any used vehicle, sometimes it's best to reach out to an expert and get their take before spending thousands of your hard earned money on an off road vehicle. If you have a friend who's knowledgeable about the maintenance of such a vehicle, bring them along with you for added advice. And don't be afraid to walk away from the deal if you suspect something might be wrong with the used Polaris Ranger. There are plenty used ones available on the open market so no need to jump at the first Ranger you see that looks cool but runs like crap.


I hope we provided you some information that will get you started on the road to not only finding the best used Polaris Ranger on the market, but that also opens your eyes to the possibilities when it comes to saving a ton of money by going the secondary market route. Keep checking back here as we're planning on listing some additional information that we learned doing our own secondary market search for a Polaris Ranger and it's definitely info you'll need when doing your own search too.

Years ago I purchased my first used Polaris Ranger (a 2008 Polaris 700XP with about 1,040 hours) and I saved upwards of $3,000 off the retail price by finding someone who was upgrading to a newer model and wanted to sell their old one for some quick cash. It's hard to bargain with the Polaris dealer down the block as they're in the position where there is little competition and they have what you want. But, if you take the time to search your local market, whether that be in your local newspaper, auction listing or penny pincher auto magazine found at the grocery store, you may just find one heck of a deal on the used Polaris Ranger you've been looking for!

Used Polaris Ranger